Lost Dogs- Prevention First

When a dog goes missing, it's hard to know what to do or where to start, especially in harsh conditions. This is the first in a series of lost dog recovery tips. First and foremost, we're starting with prevention. We have had at least 3 dogs that we know go missing in the last few weeks!

It's part of our commitment to pass along info that we feel will help you, especially when it's so practical and needed!

1. Get id tags on your dog! If you don't like the sound of clinking tags, get a tag silencer and you'll be set.

2. Microchip your dog.

3. If your dog is microchipped, make sure you register the chip.

4. . Regardless of what company your dog is chipped with, have a second registration with "Home Again"- they are the ONLY company that sends out an "Amber Alert" within 25 miles of your zip code when your dog goes missing and they provide pet insurance for your missing pet- should they be injured when out. Trust us, it's worth the $25.

5. In severe weather conditions- rain, snow- bump up your management- and keep your dog on a leash! Many
dogs wander off in the excitement of the snow and then many not have a clue as to where they are- especially
when you have 2 foot drifts!

6. Get a good picture of your dog, a close up! This is great to have on hand if you need to begin distributing
flyers or posters. Think ahead!

Stay safe and always keep your eyes open. You never know when a 'stray' may be a lost dog. If you have a sighting of a dog and the dog will not approach you (which is very common), post it to craigslist.com with a location and description- it just may reunite a lost pet with a heartbroken owner!