the sun spot

Those clean white sheets, the soft cotton comforter warm from the dryer. Add one Tater post pup class, and you have freshly peed on bedding...and so it goes. Life is funny like that. I was just reminded by one of those cliche sayings, "sometimes when you don't get what you want, it's a blessing." With Thanksgiving around the corner, I'm eager to head home, fall alseep on the floor with my feet pressed up agains the blower from the wood burning fireplace (did I mention I'm always cold?), hike in the woods with the pups and be with family, maybe hit a winery with my best friend, get out the t-ball set with her kids and pitch like I'm a pro.

So the pups are mischevious today. Tater has been pruning my house plants and tearing up the backing paper where the wood flooring ends. When they ran upstairs, I spied (to make sure they weren't dining on dry wall). They found the money spot, and were laying in the sun. So, I brought in the dog bed to make the nap more comfey. And away they snore.

crisp morning air

This morning I slipped on my sneakers and took the dogs out at 7:30 am. Tater quickly did his business and ran back into the house while Sweets and Dante the Corgi ran for the pasture. I watched them sniff and do their thing. My hair was wet and warm from the shower and I stood there in my oversized barn jacket just taking it all in. Most of the leaves have fallen, thanks to a heavy frost last week and a morning where the only thing you could hear were leaves sailing thorugh the air like confetti. Lately I've been wondering what course to take. And this morning, as I sat on the big rock, sharing my coat with Sweets as she sat sniffing in the sun, looking regal as always, it seemed to be the right one.

cousin brucie

This morning we had a nice romp in the pasture with Bruce the Dane, the last few days the neighboring horses have been very curious, thinking that a pony has moved next door. I took the pups for an off leash run at the Lake and we stayed on the paved path, hoping to attact less ticks. Well, that's not exactly true, we did run on the horse trails in the woods. Tater is keeping time with Sweets and has these unbelievable ear flapping, full out gallop recalls that I think are adorable and impressive. Sweets and Bruce have been keeping their distance (as our boy Bruce seems to completely disregard when a dog is not interested in having a 100 lb dog charge them.) They just had a session in the pasture, and what I'm seeing is Bruce sees a dog and his conditioned response regardless of what the dog is doing is to charge and start to play bow. That can be dangerous considering most dogs don't greet that way or would want to engage in play with a pony. We're working :)
Tater on the other hand is confident, keeps his distance in open field, but will snuggle with the big guy when given the chance. Three tuckered dogs napping in the sun, life is good!