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This past summer I had two amazing clients, two young girls...and their dogs. It was our first "Kids and Dogs" Camp and we tailored a program for these two gals and their pit bulls (gasp, yes pitties).

Day one we sat down and got to work. The dogs, Jed, Stella and Roxy suffered from a case of "happy tail" which could at worst leave welts on your legs! We got right to working on some "self control" or basically- rewarding the dogs for doing, well, nothing (but being calm).

Once the dog settled in, we got to talking.

I asked the girls, "do you have a favorite teacher in school?"

(ok, ok, we're getting somewhere)...

"Well, why are they your favorite?"

"Well, Mrs. So and So is really nice, she doesn't yell a lot."

Note to self.

"Ok, what about a favorite Uncle or Aunt?"

Emma says, "Oh yeah, my favorite Uncle lives in Colorado."

"Why is he your favorite?"

"Well, he's a really busy guy, he has this real important job, but when I'm with him, he always makes time for me."

I waited a second while I was impressed by the sheer brilliance of what she said, so simple, right?
Making time (with your dog or your favorite Uncle).

So, thanks for Emma and company, I've been making sure I'm making time for my dogs and having more fun. The last few days we've taken swimming breaks during the day. And instead of slowly tip toeing down from the shallow end of the pool- I jump right in, (and yeah, I've done a few cannonballs). And yes, my dogs are having fun.